Bracelets are pieces of jewellery that never go out of style. They can be showed off by women of all ages. Their origins are in centuries of antiquity. So that, we find the first bracelets in the prehistoric Bronze Age, and subsequently the Egypts used ornaments with precious stones and emblems of their own style, always with an ornamental function. In the past, it was said that metals were related to the stars and that men life cycle was influenced by them. Bracelets have been developed with the time and nowadays there are lots of kinds of bracelets, different shapes and materials. Today the bracelets have the same ornamental function. The trends have an important value so that you can find from barroco style to minimal style bracelets. In fact, today it’s possible to mix different styles in our look.

‘Fashion faces, style is eternal‘– Coco Chanel. Bracelets are the accessories more fashionable that satisfy more women. They can be wore perfectly in winter or in summer time. The minimalist bracelets in NUUPS are perfect to be combined, you can wear more than one in a wrist or in both wrists. These pieces are the ones that make you feel more chic in your style. Comfy, stylish, minimalist, eye-catching these are adjectives that define our collection. Go for bracelets with gold tones for sophisticate outfits like a little black dress or bracelets with silver tones for a daily style. Choose a more formal look at work, or a boho style eating with your friends. Complete your looks with a modern twist, fresh and trendy.



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Our fine jewellery products are made by high-quality materials such as gold and silver.



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