Earrings decorate a featured women‘s body part. Since antique time they have been objects that identify your social status, upper class or distinction. However, they have been used too as a tag of shame for the slaves. In the Bronze Age we find burials with small hoop earrings as a nose ornament. Greeks and Romans took the same steps, they created gold earrings with pearls and gems. They did not be wore only by women, men also wore them before biblical times. Today earrings are merely ornamentals and its main duty is to illuminate the face and act as an image recruiter. In other words, they are useful to make your face the focus of all people stares. ‘Attitude is everything’- Diane von Furstenberg.

The earrings size is important to define your neck and face. It means that its size may affect your image, they can change all your face. If you have a short neck it’s better to wear waterfall earrings but if you have a long neck it’s better to wear brooch earrings with a clasp. Earrings define and complete your style giving a light on your face. Our collection shows the outdoor living jewellery trend, based on geometrical and oval- shaped earrings that will be your best travel companion. Simple, comfy and light, these are the 3 keys to be the perfect earrings to get and bring to home. The star earrings are the climbing ones, they are the most fashion, outrageous so you can wear them with a casual look to go to the office and so give a chic touch to your outfit.



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