Since time immemorial, necklaces have represented the desire of femininity and they have brought a focus to the most sensual body part of women. According to its relatives (bracelets and rings) the necklace has an older history. It has usually been considered the ornament of women, but far from being exclusive, it has been wore by men from indigenous towns or ancient Middle Eastern civilisations. Necklaces have been linked to energy, magic and occult powers. This belief was shaped in the past because of the round shape of the necklace. Nowadays, the necklaces are wore in a lot of different styles. There are longer and shorter necklaces and this affects to our style and to the image we want to show.

It’s important to know that shorter necklaces slicked in our neck, favour long necks and angular faces meanwhile long necklaces are the best option for short necks or broad shoulders or chest. `Your life is much better when your clothes cause admiration‘- Vivienne Westwood. The necklaces highlight your chest and neckline, that’s why it’s important to choose the proper necklace, the one that represents your personality as it is a good eye-catching. In other words, it’s the complement that gets more people attraction as you find it in a sensual body part and you find them justly in eye level position. Now you are aware of the importance of necklace as a essential complement for your look. It will never be perfect without a nice necklace. Make it be essential for your neckline.



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