The origin of the ring comes also from the ide to decorate the fingers. Through tombs in Egypt it’s easy to know that Egyptians were big ombudsmen of rings. Rings have always been made of gold, silver, bronze or iron, being the first two materials (gold and silver) the most requested. At some time of their history, they were used too like distinction, superstition or punishment objects. Rings are unique pieces meant for decorate the fingers. A part from their aesthetic function, they are important to attract the stares and also important in the gesticulation. Hands are used for non-verbal communication so that the rings boost this image.

Elegance is the only beauty that never withers. – Audrey Hepburn. It’s quite essential to find the most suitable ring for your style and personality as it will be commissioned to get all the stares on your gestures and hands. And if you choose them with shiny rocks or zircons, they will give you light in your hands. Remember that the ring’s colour is very important to complete your look. If you wish a smart and classical look, use same colour tones and if you look for a more daring style, then wear the bold colour rings.



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